Box making machine
GSG SERIES Semi-Auto Gluer - GSG-9/GSG-10

  1. Adjustable Gluing Head to fit multi-type boxes, simply set-up to save times and be effective while change order.
  2. Squaring jogger after gluing, that be sure to make out the correct boxes without distortion while fault scorer.
  3. Feed table auto-rises by sensor to keep stack of paperboard on operation line.
  4. Motorized adjustment of stop plate according to the boxes size on the squaring unit.
  5. As this machine is combined with the counter ejector that quantity of bundle can be pre-set, you operating efficiency is all the better.
  6. Adjust quantity of applying glue by pressure, and extend range of asking viscosity for glue.
  7. Easy change glue head, according width of flap to change 3 hole (14mm Width) or 4 hole (21mm Width). That can fit width between 30~50mm.


Type GSG-9 GSG-10
Speed 40 ~ 50 sheet/min
Max. Product Size (mm) 1400 W ×1500 L 1500 W ×1800 L
Min. Products Size (mm) ( 260 W × 240 L )
Max. Glue Lap (mm) 45
Stack Height (mm) 1000
Horsepower 3 3/4 HP
Adhesive Resin
Machine Weight 2380 Kgs 2550 Kgs



Simple and diagrammatic operation panel is easy for operator leaning. Glue by digital control, key-in date directly by box size.

Length of applying glue set by digital and control by encoder. Easy adjust and prevent over lap at starting and ending. Flap can be glued on inside or outside of box by change feed direction.

Pressed Glue tub offers steady flow of glue, air-seal ensure that glue doesn’t dry forever and less cleaning, that’s able to save glue and labor.

Spurt type valve ensure glue head no leaking trouble. Don’t need to clean glue head and less maintenance.