Box making machine
GSS SERIES High Speed Semi-Auto Stitcher-Gluer

  1. Max.stitching speed is 600 stitches/min and drive by serve motors.
  2. Special design feeding belt, easy to change.
  3. Movable stitching head, large apply range for diverse box.
  4. Motorized stitching head and feeding belts quick to change order.


Type GSS-600 GSS-600L
Stitch Speed MAX. 600 Stitches/min
Stitch Number 1-99 Stitches
Stitch Pitch 10 mm
Stack Height 850
Max. Product Size 1600 mmW × 1500 mmL 2250 mmW × 2500 mmL
Horsepower 12.5 HP 14 HP
Machine Weight 4000 Kgs 4500 Kgs


Size & Stitching Type


Inventive stopper square box and smooth uninterrupted boxes flow for high quality and volume production.

Monitor control panel is user friendly.

Counter ejector with spanker and blower for glue.