Prefeeder - GF SERIES Semi-Auto Feeder

In Godswill, you can find the most suitable prefeeder for product line. Which-ever flexo, auto stitching and platen die cuter that need different feed style and speed require or overcome the space limited, the special prefeeder that increase productivity and decrease manpower can be designed by Godswill.


Type GSF 6~7 GF-II / GBF-II 7~12 GF / GBF 10~12
Max. Sheet Size (mm) 1200 W × 2100 L 1500 W × 3600 L
Min. Sheet Size (mm) 250 W × 600 L 300 W × 650 L
Max. Stack Height (mm) 1800
Max. Load 1200 Kgs 1500 Kgs
Max. Capacity 400 sheet/min 250 sheet/min 180 sheet/min
Power Required 12 Hp 13 Hp
Machine Weight 3500 Kgs 4200 Kgs

Operation Mode


HMI operate interface is conversational to set up, and error message offer easy way for operator to do trouble shooting and maintenance.

The side temper that fixed on flexo is firm and solid. Adjustment is very quickly.

Hydraulic set with low-noise, Highly effective and less maintenance.

The tamper has electrically adjustable screw movement. Air-powered tampers are high effective and longer life.

The shingle gate is operator adjustable for speed or condition of board.

Stretchable feeding table with assistant control box offer convenient operation.

Hydraulic drive cylinder fork is powerful and safety.

Top feeder for small size.

Bottom auto feeder for large size.